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Press Release Regarding The Resolution Adopted By The Parliament Of Luxembourg On The Events Of 1915 , 07.05.2015

No: 144, 7 May 2015

We condemn and strongly reject the unfair resolution the Luxembourg Parliament has adopted by distorting the historical facts and the law.

The resolution demonstrates that the Luxembourg Parliament is far from understanding the UN Convention of 1948 to which it refers and commits the same error with some of its role model parliaments. If Parliaments put themselves in the place of international courts and try to render judgments on such a serious crime such as genocide, they would abuse history and law.

Turkey will continue to commemorate the painful pages of its common history with the Armenians, in a dignified manner and in the spirit of mutual respect.

Our views on this subject have been conveyed to the Ambassador of Luxembourg in Ankara who was summoned to the Ministry.

On the other hand, H.E. Levent Şahinkaya, Ambassador of Turkey to Luxembourg, has been recalled to Ankara for consultations.