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New Routes To A Better World / Health For All - Expo 2020 Candidate Izmir... , 07.08.2013

Health is a part of our daily lives. From the food we eat, the air we breathe to the relationships we build, health affects and is influenced by all the interactions of our daily lives. It connects us to our families, our communities and to the world. It is a perennial and ubiquitous human right. EXPO 2020 İzmir would like to take you on a journey exploring our vision of Health for All.

Growing focus on health
Although a perennial issue, health has become a more prominent focal point from numerous perspectives: governments around the globe are struggling to deliver services for all while containing costs. Major international organizations such as the UN, WHO and the World Bank strive to achieve improvements in basic health indicators in the developing world. Several NGO’s in the world aim to improve the well-being of people in poor countries by funding development and health initiatives. And despite these major efforts, fundamental challenges in health still persist everywhere in the world. Developed markets, where people enjoy a high quality of life and access to healthcare, are under serious financial stress due to the increasing burden of chronic diseases and rising healthcare costs. Emerging markets are quickly trying to expand coverage and access to healthcare resources to an increasingly demanding population. Developing countries are focused on the immediate need to eradicate preventable disease and guarantee fundamental human rights. In this sense our theme addresses the challenges faced by every country around the globe.

EXPO’s role and contribution
Addressing today’s challenges in health will require significant collaboration and coordination amongst these traditional health stakeholders and more. EXPO 2020 Izmir will be a forum where international agencies, NGOs, governments, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, insurance companies, providers and others can come together to exchange ideas and collaborate to develop plans of action. Unlike many health conferences, EXPO 2020 aims to not only further the discourse on health, but more importantly provide the opportunity for innovators to test their novel solutions and find partners to help implement and scale their ideas.

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